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KIA Design Workshop - A critical role of mobility in the future, complex and radical changes

Nowadays, the phenomenon of mobility is constantly changing. It is difficult to predict future changes, but we can now find those concepts that maybe we can enhance and help us look to the future.

Talking about mobility involves discussing the territory, the city, its flows and relationships between architecture and individual, architecture and town, city and individual. We can now talk about mobility and migration phenomena as global mobility. Also it is not only the physical but virtual mobility, which is increasingly present in our world. This new map presents a scenario increasingly complex, diverse, yet exciting.

What can we make from the thought process about finding architectural concepts to help us clarify or go towards the future role of mobility? The boundaries between public and private mobility are increasingly diffused. How can we define mobility on these conditions? What is the relationship between communication and mobility? What concepts would we uncover? How is it concretely affecting our designs?

The workshop aims to immerse the participants “on design process” of architectural thinking in an attempt to have a glimpse into the potential answers to the given question raised by the “Critical role of mobility in the future, complex and radical changes.” A deductive process that will collect research materials, comparisons, and a specific production of materials in order to compile a collection of potential design tools that will aid in a further design specific process.

The process will take place, as if an architectural project, to generate rich learning mechanisms and tools of thought, rather than a specific design result.

To carry out these ideas, we have developed daily themes treated with specific objectives. Thus, the workshop will conclude with an accumulation of each day’s work, in a kind of performance, related to a design process.

The main objective is for the participants to become completely involved in the design process, from the architectural point of view and the system applied to their design field. Therefore, the many conceptual working procedures used in an architectural process will be used in parallel, looking towards their fields, a counterpart field, as a comparative modus operandi.

OBBA + studio PEZ will undertake small “sessions” with concrete examples that will dive into the design thinking process. After such sessions, daily goals will be established so that the design process generates a case-specific production process. Design is not just “thinking,” but rather a production of potential solutions to clarify our thought process and aid in the creative process.

In addition, as a conclusion for each work day, there will be “discussions” during which each team will discern and determine paths in assisting the development of concepts and research processes. As the discussions take place, the teams are able to further enrich their experience by directly participating in giving presentations.

PROJECT : On Design Process
SUBJECT : A critical role of mobility in the future, complex and radical changes
PERIOD : 2012.05

TYPE : Design Workshop
PLACE : KIA Motors Headquarter, Yangjae-dong, Seocho-gu, Seoul, Korea

OBBA - Sojung Lee & Sangjoon Kwak
studioPEZ - Pedro Pena & Daniel Zarhy
KIA Motors - Hoisung Chung and eight entry designers
(Eunsung Choi, Hyunjin Kim, Kijo Son, Jongmyung Yoon, Sukyong Ra, Taehee Chung, Yoonhee No, Yoojin Chun)
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