Fragments of a New Housing Language Exhibition

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Fragments of a New Housing Language : Contemporary Urban Housing in Korea

Exhibition Period : 22 February - 6 March 2016
Exhibition Space : Exhibition Hall at National University of Singapore

Architectural Works by
Architects Office SAAI
EMA Architects & Associates
SoA (Society of Architecture)
JMY Architects
OBBA (Office for Beyond Boundaries Architecture)
YounghanChung Arhcitects

Photographic Essay : Seungho Choi
Infographic Installation : Optical Race (Hyungjae Kim, Jaehyun Bahk)

Curated by Moongyu Choi
Symposium Coodinator : John Hong
Advisor : Jaeyong Lim, Sunghong Kim
Coordinator : Yoojin Jeon

Organizer : Korea Architects Institute
Official Host : Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism, Republic of Korea
Official Sponsor : Arts Council Korea
Partner : National University of Singapore, Department of Architecture, School of Design and Environment
Sponsors : FILOBE, Jarchiv, NShome, OCA, PyungHwa Construction
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